Objective description, subjective description


Objective description

A circular structure is  composed by a creme color base and three other circular layers on top of it, one made of fur and the other two made of styrofoam. The base of  this piece displays a led light forming a circle of light that contours the work. Next to the base, on the right side, a pair of crop sandals serve as the foundation for a vertical  structure enclosed in brown fabric. On the left side of this object, a little square of the same brown fabric comes out with a cylinder of the same material. We can notice how on the top of this piece, the circle of styrofoam is crossed by two linear structures of green fabric and fur.

Subjective description 

By first looking at this piece we notice that is composed by different elements such as coffee table covered in fabric and other pieces of styrofoam covered in fabric and fur. We have the impression when looking at it of being in front of a creature that camed from outter space, specially because of the led light at the base of the work that reminds of a space ship or an alien,  but then,  when we look closer at the materials  is inevitably not to link them to something more mundane, like for example, a horse or a land animal.